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 inserting records

I am working on an app that reads different databases from different
CD's and imports the data into different SQL 7 databases.  The databases
on the cd's are Access, SQL Anywhere, Multiple FoxPro tables and some
are flat text files.  currently I open a connection to the database that
I need data from and the SQL 7 database.  Then the app reads through a
table in the non SQL database and loads a recordset with all records in
that table.  To build the insert sql statement I run through the source
recordset one row at a time and construct the sql statement to insert
the values of that row into the SQL 7 db table.  As you can imagine this
can take some time for large tables that consist of 150,000 rows.  Is
there a faster, more efficient way of importing these databases into the
SQL databases?  As always thanks in advance.


Fri, 10 Sep 2004 02:43:01 GMT  
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