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 Need Help With Database

I'm fairly new at this Visual Basic programming. I am curently making a
program that is for a local car show. There is about 26 different classes
that the contestants can enter themselves into. I am using a Database made
in the data manager to make this. Everybody attending the show gets a
ballot sheet and casts a vote for the best car number in each class. I then
have to enter this into the program and after I enter all of the votes into
the database using addnext commands, I then have to get all of the results
back. I want to get them back in order of class. For Example: The first
class is Class B, then when The person clicks on View Results I want the
top three vote getters for class b to be displayed in order. I have gotten
the program to enter the votes into the database fine, but the problem is
getting them back in order. There will be about 500 car entries there, I
have found out how to do it right now, but It is taking about 10 lines per
number(100-500) per letter(B-Z). So that is ALOT of lines and I know that
there has to be an easier way using a variable loop or array. Can someone
please help me with this!

Sun, 21 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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