Simulate a grid in VB6 with radio button options in a column 
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 Simulate a grid in VB6 with radio button options in a column

I am trying to determine the best way in VB6 to dynamically add records to a
form in grid fashion (based on records between a date range, for example) in
which all the columns are read-only except for one which contains user
editable radio option buttons (e.g.,  so the user can indicate whether to
process, not process or cancel  the transaction reflected in that row).  Is
this doable? and if so how can one determine which option is selected and
for which row(s)?   The intent here is to allow the user to make decisions
on a number of records at one time in a scrollable grid. Any help much

Thu, 01 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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