Moving field data between fields using VB 6 exe 
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 Moving field data between fields using VB 6 exe

I am using a specialized program for writing building permits at work.
 This program does not allow me to automatically change the business
license information that we track without using an update query.
Unfortunately, the people that will be using this application are not
computer savvy and my boss has asked that I create a simple program
that will move or copy data from a user defined field within this
program to a standard field maintained by the original program.  The
purpose behind this is that the standard field is not printable in a
document, whereas a user defined field is printable.  The original
program allows me to access a SHELL command that will only launch an
.exe program.  I am new to using VB6 and appreciate any help that I
can get.  Basically, here is what I want the program to do:

1.Obtain the permitID number from the open screen, with the original
business license information, which includes the name, address,
location and phone numbers for the business.
2.  Launch the vb .exe file type that will automatically move all of
the information listed in item 1 above into similar fields that are
followed by a 1 (example (the original name field would be name1 in
the Vb application))
3.  Close the vb application so that the enduser cannot manipulate the

Once again, I would appreciate any help that you may be able to

Very Respectfully,

Kurt Haas.

Sun, 23 May 2004 06:48:59 GMT  
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