VB, ODBC, Sybase System 10, and Dynamic (real) SQL 
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 VB, ODBC, Sybase System 10, and Dynamic (real) SQL

Anybody know the right way to perform real dynamic SQL vis ODBC using
SQLPrepare, SQLParamOptions, SQLBindParams, SQLExecute?
I get the first element executed and the subsequent iteration fails due
to parameter 50 (out of 50) being precision 0 in a char string????? the
actual parm bound had data in it. I suspect it is the string for the
bound statement being of the syntax "{call my_sp (?,?,?,?,...,?)}
used for the prepare, the bind of the 50 parms generates no errors, but
when SQLExec is called it bombs out.
Any ideas or working code examples I can look at?
(yes I already saw Craig Goren's (Clarity Consulting) non-working
example in VBODBCAPI, Craig's works ok for part of the stuff but not
this area..., not to say Craig's code isn't good, it just won't do this
right, everything else in his code is excellent!)

Fri, 10 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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