Order Entry System Needed 
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 Order Entry System Needed

Visual Dbase, Delphi, or VB Project

We are in need of an Order Entry System for a small business.  Instead
of starting from scratch, is there anyone who has already written such
a system.  Below are the basic requirements, although anything close
would be considered (assuming we have the source code so it can be

Files Supported:
Customer Master Table - Standard Information such as Name, Address,
tax      status, sales rep, etc.        
Item Master Table - Standard Item No, Description, cost, price etc.    
Order Header Table - Order Date, Ship Date, Unique Order number, Entry
Rep, etc.
Order Detail Table - Line #, Item #, quantity, price, custom text
field      (memo will work) etc.
Invoice Header/Detail - Similar to Order H/D - we can add this if
needed.  The entry part with a way to search and print is most
important for now.

The system can be fairly simple, just the basics to start with.
Menus/Forms need to be there to maintain the static information (such
as the item master).  The system does need to function.  If it's close
to the above, we'd be interested in hearing about.  At this point, we
are not worried about accounting functions other than those indicated

If you know of any utility paks or other possible sources, please let
me know.  If you have something that might fit the bill for us,  some
compensation is possible if you have something that would benefit us
as long as it is yours to sell (i.e. we want to stay legal with full
rights to the source code).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Also, if the basic system is successful, there will most likely be
further opportunities to do business (for enhancements and added
functions) including a contract program type relationship.

Wed, 25 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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