MENTOR, MENTOR....Where are you??? 
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 MENTOR, MENTOR....Where are you???

Hi Folks,
I need a mentor to help me get the basics of VB and its relationship with Windows and how I
can use it to interact with FoxPro and Sybase databases.

I am NOT A REAL PROGRAMMER. I have written procedural SQL applications using character
based application development tools (archaic Sybase products) for a DEC VAX/VMS system
and character cell terminals.

I am very familiar with Windows and it's tender underbelly. I know how to fix most of the
system problems I have encountered although I couldn't explain what I did or why it worked.

I may only need to learn enough about VB to write whatever it takes to connect my (not written
yet) FoxPro application to Windows.

Would someone like to volunteer to separate the concepts of this scenerio so I can understand
what I am really trying to do so I can get on with climbing over this seemingly mammoth
learning curve???

Thanks....Teri in California

Sun, 01 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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