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 Grunged Message Deleted

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   Date:  05 Sep 99  22:15:32
Subject:  Re: How to enter password for Access-database at runtime?

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^aNewsgroups: comp.lang.basic.visual.database
^aSubject: Re: How to enter password for Access-database at runtime?
^aDate: Sun, 5 Sep 1999 21:15:32 +1000
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You simply reference secured system db, create workspace passing it userid
and password and use it to open secured dbs:

    dbengine.systemdb = "path\1.mdw"
    set ws = createWorkspace( "ws", "userid", "pwd")
    set db = ws.OpenDatabase( "path\1.mdb" )



>I made a database in Access with password.
>But every time I+am trying to access the database,
>I get the massage: "Not a valid password."
>How can I enter the password at runtime.
>Please make some code.

>Jens Riis


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