"Feature not available" Message 
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 "Feature not available" Message

I want to attach a dBASE III table to an open dBASE III database.  When I
execute the Attach method for the tableDefs collection I get the message:

"Feature not available"

Here is the code:

Set Db = OpenDatabase("c:edl\94090609", False, False, "dBASE III;")
Td.Connect = "dBASE III;DATABASE=C:\94090609\SEGMENT2"
Td.SourceTableName = "EDLTEXT.DBF"   ' The name of the file.
Td.Name = "newtext"    ' The name in your database.
Db.TableDefs.Append Td  ' Create the link.

I'm sure I have done this before.  What's going on?

Sat, 16 Aug 1997 10:16:22 GMT  
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