I don't know what happen.... 
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 I don't know what happen....

I'm so sorry for bothering you guys again....

I'm using visual foxpro 5.o

Finally I finished the program

Buaat.....  I have no idea how this fatal error happened.

Everything works just fine, Buut.. only on VFP IDE but not on without VFP.
I made image disks, it worked fine.

But a problem just happened .
One of the forms with buttons didn't works.
It means that the buttons have own function but they didnot excute the
function they have...

The other forms just work fine except the form .

Sorry again...
*p.s. If you don't have time,it's O.K..
        I know how bothered by beginner.......:)

Heeyong Park
Moto:Make a new Magic

Tue, 01 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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