String formula too complex 
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 String formula too complex

Problem with data access:

iMyInt = dynQuery("myint")
sMyString = Str$(iMyInt)

The latter line causes "String formula too complex". iMyInt seems to
have a corrent value after the execution of the first line. The
datatype of myint-field in the table is integer. Variables are
declared explicitely. When I change dynaset to snapshot the same
problem arises.

I am able contunue the program by pressing F5 without difficulties
and the result is correct!!! If I trap this error and Resume everything
goes fine. I am not low on memory or string space.

I am using the complatibility layer.

Jussi J?rvel?inen
Datawell Inc.

Mon, 26 May 1997 17:53:34 GMT  
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