Client/server DB using Access-ASP-VBScript 
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 Client/server DB using Access-ASP-VBScript

I have managed to build a nice db that people can connect to through the
intranet, still I want more.
I want my associates to be able to use an old Post as a template.

main table:             Subtable:       No relation in Access....

OrderID(autonr)         ProductID(autonr)
Name                    OrderID(nr)
Age                     Name_of_prod

The First Post would look like this
main table:             Subtable:

OrderID=1               ProductID=1
Name=Norton Smith       OrderID=1
Age=36                  Name_of_prod="Banana"


The OrderID is the glue that keeps thing together.
The next year I want to make a new similiar order, a hard work, still
I remember that I have done the Job before and I pick up the Old Order.
OrderID in the main table will now be 4096, I change my age to 37,
When I save this record I have only managed to change OrderID in the
Main table and saved the post under this new ID, not in the sub table,
it is still OrderID=1 and the connection is broken.

So My simple question is If I can copy the aboves ProductID 1 and
ProductID 2 and add OrderID 4096.
Copy is the solution.............

Please reply on my mail! I'll be pleased.

mvh. ingimar

Tue, 23 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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