Top 10 Signs you Need an Information System! 
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 Top 10 Signs you Need an Information System!

This Top 10 List and more is available at the Data Concept site located

Top Ten Signs You Need an Information System designed by Data Concept

1) The scariest part about talking to your creditors is finding their phone

2) You actually had a chance to try both Tylenol AND Advil on the same day
around Taxation time.

3) What's this guy's name again?

4) A mass mailing took you how long?

5) Didn't we deal with her before, like last year I think..., I can't
remember what she bought though...

6) How much have we sold this year?

7) Who is our biggest customer? Well, it's got be be....hum...let's see...

8) We would be more profitable if we increased sales of our most profitable
line. By the way, which one would that be?

9) You use paper rather than your computer to keep track of [your business

10) Some commercial (shrink-wrapped) software claiming to help you manage
your business is doing time in your attic but you don't exactly know where.

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