Problem with ADO Locktypes for Recordsets 
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 Problem with ADO Locktypes for Recordsets

I'm having a problem trying to access a SQL Server 6.5 database using the
pessimistic locktype for a recordset.  Contrary to all books I've seen and
documentation too, I don't get an ADO error indicating a lock has been
placed on a record, but I get a timeout error after about 45 seconds of
waiting to get a lock.  I realize that it is usually better to use update
queries rather than rely on cursors, but how do you avoid a slow timeout
error and get a quick "record is locked by user...." type error?  This used
to work properly with RDO, but doesn't with ADO.  What gives?



Thu, 15 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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