Problems with ODBC drivers for SQL Server 6.5 
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 Problems with ODBC drivers for SQL Server 6.5

I'm developing a 16-bit VB4 app. connecting to a Microsoft  SQL Server 6.5
via ODBC.

The workstations are running Win 3.11.
The SQL Server is running on NT 4.0 SP1

When I use the SQLSRVR.DLL version 6.5..... I instantaniously get a "ODBC
Timeout expired" error...

BUT... if I use ODBC 2.0 DLL's, DBNMP3.dll version 6.5.... (i think it is)
and SQLSRVR.DLL version 6.0....  everything SEEMS to work.

Does anyone know WHY?

Emil Nielsen
National Board of Health
Frederikssundsvej 378
DK-2700 Bronshoj

Sun, 30 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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