Ver. conflict, Vis Basic/Btrieve WBTRCALL.DLL 
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 Ver. conflict, Vis Basic/Btrieve WBTRCALL.DLL


>We have a developer who is trying to use BTRIEVE (a
>Novell Database Product)  with Visual Basic 3.0
>Professional Edition.  The developer is getting a
>message saying that the version of "WBTRCALL.DLL" is
>for a previous version  of Windows.  The development is
>being done under Windows 3.1.

>Is anyone aware of an update for this file, and where
>to get it (ftp, BBS,  Compuserve, etc.)?

>Thanks for your help!

>=-=-=-=-=-=-=  Keith Marks                          |


Try the Novell user's forum on Compuserve, or their own company

sj                      |

Mon, 14 Apr 1997 07:50:06 GMT  
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