Data Control: Recordsource-Property restricted to 255 Characters ?? 
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 Data Control: Recordsource-Property restricted to 255 Characters ??

The Recordsource-Property of the data control seems to be restricted to
255 characters although it is defined as "string".

Does anybody know where this is documented definitely?


Dim rs as Recordset
' Create Recordset here with SQL-statement longer than 255 characters
Data1.Recordset = rs
' This is ok, but if you e.g then refresh the control
' SQL-statement fails because it is obviously cut at length 255

I was looking for the "error" more than 2 hours because my SQL-statement
was cut exactly before the "HAVING"-component of the SQL-string by chance,
so no error occurred but only the result was wrong  :-(

(Tools: VB5/sp3 Enterpr. Ed, WinNT4.0)

 Joe Broethaler

 Institute of Public Finance        
 and Infrastructure Policy,
 University of Technology Vienna    

Mon, 05 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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