Access query parameters within ADO 
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 Access query parameters within ADO

I solved this problem by removing the parameter from my Access query and using the Data Environment parameter collection instead. It works like a charm. You have to write the query in the SQL box and use "WHERE MyParameterizedField = ?" Then fill out the Parameter tab with data types, etc. It is important to get the correct data types here. You provide the parameter variable at runtime like so: DataEnvironment.MyQuery strMyParameter.

There may be other ways to execute parameterized queries but this is the only one I know of that works.

    I have an Access query with 1 parameter.  In my VB app I have an ADO Data Environment with a connection to the Access db, and under the connection, a query command.  On the General tab of command properties the Database Object type is View and the Object Name is the Access query name.  On the Parameters tab VB sets-up everything automatically by referencing Access, EXCEPT FOR "Value".
    I have a data-bound grid whose DataMember is set to the query command.  When I set the command parameter Value to a hard-coded number in the Data Environment the grid is populated correctly; however, what I want to do is substitute a program variable name for the hard-coded value, so at runtime, it will use the variable value.  I can't get past this; I've tried the variable name, the variable name in single quotes, double quotes, etc., and nothing works.  If I can't set this at design time, is there a way to do it a runtime?  Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks - Dana Reed

Sun, 04 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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