Error 20533 (Fixed - Sort of) 
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 Error 20533 (Fixed - Sort of)

I wrote an app that uses about 10 different reports that I created in
Crystal v.6.  When I moved the program from my desktop to my laptop I moved
the .mdb file and the reports from a directory on d:\ to a directory on c:\.
The only way that I have avoided this error is to move those files back into
the directory on d:\.

The program is setup so that the reports and the.mdb file can be placed
anywhere (they are stored in a registry setting) but how can I move these if
either the db or the reports are locked into this "belief" that they must
exist in a folder on the d:\ drive?  How can I modify the relationship so
they can find each other?  My client is expecting to be able to keep the
database on a server and to have the report files local on their machine.

I guess what I'm asking is  - how do I create reports (or can I) that will
reference a database that might not be in the same place as when they were

Any help would be appreciated.



Matt Childs
Fritz Companies Inc.
Houston, TX.

Fri, 12 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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