sample order entry application 
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 sample order entry application


I am a tutor at a local Polytechnic.  Over the years we have been using
Microsoft C++, Microsoft Access, and Clarion (Topspeed Corporation) to
teach students business application programming. We have also been
using Visual Basic, but only at a very elemtary level. I would like to
change this !
The senior students are required to write business applications ie.
Order Entry, Accounts Receivable etc.  I was wondering if anyone could
suggest where I could find a sample Order Entry application (with
source code) written in VB6 that I could use as an example for the
students.  I doesn't need to be a complete application.


Steve Muller M.Soc.Sc.

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Tue, 15 Jul 2003 04:14:34 GMT  
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