Good VB database books on ADO - not many around :(((( 
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 Good VB database books on ADO - not many around :((((

Hello VB programmers,

    I've recently purchased a "new" book on Visual Basic 6 database
programming, which to save the embarassment of the authors, I would not
mention the book's title here.

    My first impression of the book (judging from the cover) is that it
ought to be a good book about all the latest in database programming for
vb6. But after reading through the contents and skimming through the book...
alas!! I quickly realised that I've just wasted my precious $80.....

    The tragedy with these "new" vb6 database books that you'll find in your
bookshops these days is that they seem to concentrate too much discussing
about the older database technologies such as especially on DAO, RDO, and
ODBC, but give very little or no regard about the new Microsoft's ADO which
Microsoft has been promoting ever since vb6 came out.

    I think since most of the new controls in vb6 revolve around the new
ADO, I find it very surprising to find books which are supposed to cover
version 6 of VB do not even mention about ADO, even worse - books that are
supposed to talk about VB6 DATABASE programming!!!! The problem here seems
to be with lazy authors who simply "paste" what they have written from their
previous books on previous versions of VB and who did not even bother to
study the new features in VB6 because they wanted to quickly release the
book to get quick profits. This is truly a shame!!!

    Let us just hope that one day these authors get their act together. I am
one frustrated customer among thousands I suspect who's sick of getting sick
of being ripped off from poor quality, misleading, and out of date computer

    Now, would anyone recommend me a "really" good VB6 database programming

Raymond Surjaputra

Thu, 12 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Good VB database books on ADO - not many around :((((
I second the referral for the Wrox Press book.  Even the guys at MS
developer support use it!!


Thu, 12 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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