Help needed: Setting parameters in parameter queries 
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 Help needed: Setting parameters in parameter queries

I am trying to write a generic routine that sets parameters for parameter
queries (VB PE 3.0), because I want to do some centralized error handling
when a parameter is used in ocde but not defined in the query and

However, I cannot find a way passing the query parameter name as a

For instance:

I have a querydef called qd and it has a parameter called par.
To set the value of this parameter I must write something like

        qd!par = "..."

But now I have a string variable, lets say sParameterName, which
contains "par", and I want to use it to set the querydef parameter.
So something like:

        qd(sParameterName) = "..."

It seems that there is no way to do this. Does anybody has a clue,
knows a solution or can give me a definite "no it can't" on this?

Erik Siegel

PS: Please CC an answer to me if you can.

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Fri, 06 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 Help needed: Setting parameters in parameter queries
Hallo Colleague!

I tried to do something like that. I tried to connect a
parameterquery(.mdb) to my data control and I was told that it
wasn't possible. So I used a query(mdb) which I connect with a
SQL statement in VB. This works fine. I didnt want to handle all
the errors if a wrong parameter was entered, but I tried it and
it worked, so now I use a default start and the user can change
it afterward. If you need some example code for the SQL-statement
I have a working one. Otherwise you can allways try the
searchengine at Carl&Gary.

Hope this help

Transmission engineer
Telia, South Region

Sat, 07 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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