effiecient ways of data access 
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 effiecient ways of data access


>Hi everybody, I am developing an application in VB with Oracle 7.x as the
>back end. Presently, I have attached all my tables to Access DataBase. I
>understand that there are several ways of accessing external databases
>i.e using data controls, data objects, rdos etc.  I would like to know it
>attaching is a good thing to do (although it might depend on the
>application under question)? If not, what is more efficient ? I would

You will need to associate the DAO 3.x language extensions to your project,
then just open the data directly through ADO or ODBC calls directly
to the Oracle Database.

Attaching them to Access will make Jet do all of your database calls,
which is inefficient and prone to incompatability with the real power of

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