cristal report formula error 
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 cristal report formula error

in the report directory of VB  version 3.0 there is an example of how
to call up the cristal report (crvbxsam.mak)

the detail.ORDERNUM is a text field  and when you run the program you
have to specify the range of the ordernum

i have used this example in my code but  my primary key is  integer not text
field. How can i call up eg ordernum it was integer not text ?

if i call up a text field it works but if i call up a integer field it
gives me error in formula when i press print report

please modify the code below;

FmlaText$ = "{detail.ORDERNUM} in '" + Trim(RangeStart.Text) + "' to '" +
Trim(RangeEnd.Text) + "'"


dim temp1 as integer

  FmlaText = "{detail.OrderNum} = temp1"

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