Using Access from CD-ROM in multiuser mode? 
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 Using Access from CD-ROM in multiuser mode?

Is it possible to anyhow use Access databases from
read only media (such as CD ROM)? I experimented the
situation by copying the database to write-protected
disk and the following happened:
- If I try to open the database with default settings
  (exclusive=False, readonly=false) error 3050
  (Couldn't lock database, SHARE has not beeb loaded.)  
  occurs. Share has been loaded properly!
- If I try to open the database with readonly=true and
  exclusive=false the same situation repeats.
- Finally, I am able to open the database with
  exclusive=True and readonly = True.

So, it seems that it is impossible to use Access database
that has been written to a shared CD ROM on network drive
using multiuser access.
Am I right? MS Access user manual doesn't seem to describe
if this is possible. The function with attached FoxPro
or dBase tables on read-only devices is documented, however.


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