Refreshing Grid w/Oracle ADO & DE 
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 Refreshing Grid w/Oracle ADO & DE

Fellow VBers,

I'm having a hair pull over attempting to get a DataGrid, which is
ODBC'd to an Oracle database (on my local HD), to refresh. What I am
trying to do is fairly simple (at least it seems that way). I have a
DataGrid and a Combobox. You select something from the Combobox and the
DataGrid refreshs itself based on your selection.  I've tried both a
DataEnvironment and an ADODC as the source with a multitude of various
methods (Close/Open, Requery, Rebind, etc.) I'm obviously missing
something or performing tasks in the wrong order. Doe someone have a
tried and true snippet of code they could share with me to get this job

Greatfully yours,

Scott Posey

Mon, 28 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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