Jet Pessimistic Locking 
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 Jet Pessimistic Locking

I am developing Multi-User Database application. All Users are running
off a single copy of a executable on a server. (under Netware) I am
accessing a MS Access Database, with Multiple Tables. I have various
Search Methods in this Database, but in one instance a user can request
information on a specific Client's Code and have it display that
information in textboxes plus a table called "Eclist" into a Grid
(Sheridans DataGrid), I also have a search method where the user searches
on Name and it displays some information in some textboxes and again the
Tables "Eclist" has it's data in a Grid. In both methods, I use the edit
command to envoke a page lock as a user opens up both "Eclist" and The
other tables. Page Locking seems to be fine when "userA" does a search
on a carriers Name and "userB" Does Likewise, it returns a lock error
and I handle that. But when "UserA" does a Client search and it returns a
set of Records in Eclist and then "UserB" Does a search on a Name and it
returns some of those same Records to the Datagrid, it does not trigger
any Locking errors. I have no Idea why the Jet would not be aware
that the same records were being accessed by both users using the
different searches. I am doing the searches by setting the Data Controls
Recordsources to a SQL statement, and Refreshing them, and I am Calling
the Edit Command. Could this Be a Bug in the Jet?

Any Ideas?

Oh I am using JET 2.5, if that helps.

Just call me Puzzled.
Oh well  thanks for Help in Advance!.

Douglas R Cobb

Sat, 13 Sep 1997 10:15:07 GMT  
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