Null Values in Data Bound Combo Boxes 
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 Null Values in Data Bound Combo Boxes

I have a VB program that is using a Data Control for the main database.
There are data bound combo boxes that are tied to another table  to be used
to lookup valid values. The case where I am having a problem is that I am
trying to use a  Drop Down Bound Combo box. This combo box looks up values
from another database and of course displays the choices. The problem comes
with I put in a null value and advance to the next record I get an error
3426 'The action was cancelled by an associated object'.  
What I want do is have a list of the valid values display from the lookup
table when they click in the combo box, but I also want to allow a null
entry to the field. In my main database the field is not a required field.
On the table of course it is, since it is the key to the table and must be
unique and validated.  Any suggestions, explainations or help would be
greatly appreciated.

Tue, 26 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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