BUG: NT 4.0 Beta 2 + VB 4.0 OLE Servers 
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 BUG: NT 4.0 Beta 2 + VB 4.0 OLE Servers

I think I have found a bug in the above and was wondering if any one
has run across it.

I created the Simple Remote Automation projects as specified in the
Knowledge Base (to make sure it was not something I was doing).  Under
NT 3.51 it works fine.  Under NT 4.0 the client app does not release
the OLE server, even after I have exiited VB.  I can tell this by
clicking the stop button on the server side.  VB reports that another
application is referencing an object within this project.

I found this by using the new Task Manager to watch a couple of Remote
Automation apps I wrote under 3.51.  When the OLE servers are
terminated, the process still shows in Task Manager.  Stepping through
the code in VB reveals little so far.  I can tell that the Terminate
event for the class never gets executed, so something is keeping it

Any other input would be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to e-mail me
if you need more details.

Mark Wagoner

Mon, 07 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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