direct input vs BCP 
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 direct input vs BCP

Hi folks,

I'm currently doing a data dump from a flat file system and have to input
into MSSQL 7.0.
The information I'm dumping is in the form of XML and since I cannot find a
good way to do a large file dump to SQL from XML (10 to 20 meg)
I'm processing the files into tab delimintated text files for BCP.

My question here is this.which would be faster direct input form VB using
ADO,RDO or ODBC (ie. inserting a row at a time or inserting multiple rows at
a time ) or the process to text file then BCP the whole lot.  How would
direct inputs affect my server vs BCP? And any other information you can
give me on this.


Beverly Treadwell

Wed, 14 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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