dBASE IV access now failing!?! 
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 dBASE IV access now failing!?!

Environment: VB3 Pro

I wrote a program about a year ago for a friend of mine who is still
using a dBASE IV DB.  Now I come to update the program, which worked
perfectly when I wrote it.  NOW I am getting an error which says
"reserved Error [-1070]; there is no message for this error".

This message comes up when the program tries to access the datacontrol
pointing to the dBASE database.  The program will continue, but then
gives an "object varible not set".

This also occurs at **design time**!!!  When I create a datacontrol
with the connect property set to "dBASE IV;", the "databasename" set
to the correct directory, clciking on the "Recordsource" provides the
same error.


I have tried replacing the DLL in charge of handling dBASE IV files
(xbls...] by renaming it as *.BAK and reinstalling VB.  BTW, when the
DLL was missing, the error changed to "Cannot find installable ISAM"
so it MUST surely be something to do with the DLL !?!

Anybody have any ideas?  Please help!

Yours in frustration,

James Ingram

Thu, 15 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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