NT 3.51, VB 4, RDO, ODBC, Oracle 7 
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 NT 3.51, VB 4, RDO, ODBC, Oracle 7

I have been unable to connect to Oracle via RDO/RDC
from my NT 3.51 client. I have
installed 32-bit SQLNet v. 2.3.x that comes with
Oracle Enterprise Manager for NT.
Whenever I try to create an ODBC Data Source with
the VB4/Visigenics Oracle ODBC driver,
I receive the message:

"The dynamic link library ORANT71.dll could not be
found in the specified path...."

The error message then lists my path. After that
another message box appears with the

"Failed to locate file vsorac32.dll"

While I can't locate ORANT71.dll on my system,
vsorac32.dll IS in c:\windows\system32,
which is in my path.

Fine. So I downloaded Oracle's new 32-bit ODBC
driver from their Web page and thought I'd
give that a try. After installing this and setting
up an ODBC Data Source, I have no
problem getting to Oracle with MS-Query(32) and
Access95. Finally, 32-bit SQLNet and
32-bit ODBC are working! However, when I try to use
the Oracle ODBC driver with an RDC in
VB4 and a simple query like "select * from account"
using Oracle's "scott" account, it
fails with the error:

"IM001: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver
does not support this function"

The title bar of the message box says MSRDC32.

Any ideas why the supplied Visigenic driver fails
to set up and why the Oracle driver
won't work with RDC? This is really frustrating...

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Miles
Seattle Water

Tue, 08 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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