*** NEW *** SQL Server Stored Procedure Debugger 
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 *** NEW *** SQL Server Stored Procedure Debugger

SQL Workshop 3.0, is the FIRST and ONLY database development tool that
includes a WINDOWS BASED Stored Procedure De{*filter*} for MS SQL Server
and SYBASE databases.  The de{*filter*} enables you to place break points
within a procedure and select variables you want to "watch" as you run
the procedure.

Below are some major features of SQL Workshop.  FREE demo copies
of SQL Workshop are available via ftp by downloading the file
SQLWS30.ZIP from ftp.cica.indiana.edu  (or one of its mirror sites)
 in the /pub/pc/win3/programr directory.  This file can also be
downloaded from Compuserve in the Sybase, Powersoft and Microsoft
SQL Server forums.

For further information about SQL Workshop contact:

Analytical Solutions, Inc.
3857 Foxwood Rd.
Duluth, GA 30136 USA
Tel: (404) 416-8821
Compuserve: 74204,2246

Product Description:

SQL Workshop is a powerful database development tool for querying,
creating, and maintaining database objects. It is the ONLY TOOL
AVAILABLE that delivers a fully integrated stored procedure
development environment for SYBASE and Microsoft SQL Server databases

SQL Workshop is the perfect supplement when using Powersofts
Powerbuilder, Microsoft Visual Basic, or any other GUI based
development tool.  By automating many of the tasks you perform to
develop and maintain database objects, SQL Workshop increases your
productivity and reduces your development time.

SQL Workshop works with any ODBC compliant database making it the only
tool you'll need to manage all of the data and databases in your
enterprise.  In addition to adhoc query facilities and database
management tools, SQL Workshop enables you to:

Debug stored procedures within the Windows environment

        SQL Workshop is the only product that lets you debug stored
        procedures within the MS Windows environment !  Place break points
        within a procedure, select the variables you would like to "watch",
        then run the procedure.  SQL Workshop stops at the breakpoints
        within the procedure and displays the values of your chosen "watch"
        variables.  SQL         Workshop also allows you to "trace breakpoints"
        which enables you to run a procedure from start to finish and still
        view the values of the "watch" variables.

        In addition to displaying "watch" variables, SQL Workshop also
        displays timing information at each break point which enables you to
        quickly locate performance problems within your procedures.

Reverse engineer database objects

        SQL Workshop can easily create and reverse engineer database objects.

        SQL Workshop can recreate all database objects including tables,
        indexes, procedures, triggers, views, etc.      Simply select the
        you want to work with and SQL Workshop retrieves the SQL text of
        the object. You can then change and reload the object back into the

Run Bulk Copy within the Windows environment

        SQL Workshop enables you to run the SQL Server Bulk Copy Program
        (BCP) from within the Windows environment.  You can also copy data
        from one server to another without having       to switch connections
        between servers.  No more hassles exiting Windows to the DOS
        prompt and formatting the BCP command line.  Simply select a table to
        export/import data from/to, choose your delimiters, and click RUN.  
        That's all there is to it.

Compare and update data between two tables

        SQL Workshop is the only database tool that can compare and transfer
        data between tables.  The tables can even exist on different servers
        and be from different database types (i.e. Oracle and Sybase).  SQL
        Workshop compares the data between the tables and
        updates the destination table based on the options you choose.  This
        invaluable in keeping tables in different environments in-sync with
        one another.

Export table data into text delimited files

        SQL Workshop is the only database tool that let's you store the
        results of any SQL statement (including execution of stored
        procedures) in text delimited files.  This enables you to easily
        change or merge table layouts without losing the data within the
        tables.  Simply extract the data using a SQL SELECT query, change the
        table layout(s), and load the extracted data back into the new table.

Automatically generate stored procedure SQL scripts

        SQL Workshop will generate Insert, Update, Delete and Select Stored
        Procedure code for you.  Simply select a table, choose the input
        parameters, and SQL Workshop does the   rest.  You can review the
        code, change it, save it to a file and/or execute it to create new

Search database objects for specific text

        SQL Workshop provides a facility to search for text in SQL Server
        database objects.  For example, you can search through all objects
        that reference the VIEW named MY_VIEW.  You can search one or more
        databases.  Even search the entire server !

Reference SQL Syntax using an on-line help facility

        SQL Workshop provides an on-line help facility for SQL syntax.  You
        can view and paste the syntax into query windows.  Then customize the
        syntax to your needs.  This eliminates the need to remember complex
        SQL syntax.

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