Crystal Reports: error loading .rpt file 
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 Crystal Reports: error loading .rpt file

We have a large report with 9 subreports that was created with CR 5.

It was created by someone who was new to CR. A main ACCESS table was linked
to 5 'lookup' tables, one of which is a client ID and NAME table. A report
was required for each client (filtering different info from each table) by
modifying the value of the client ID in the SELECT EXPERT menu option. This
had to be done for the main report and each subreport, and then the report
was saved with the selected data as a new report file. That may have been
fine for 5 - 10 clients, but now we have 50+ and that method has to go.
(Also the possibility of error, missing a subreport modification, was

Because we don't have the time to recreate the reports (all the fields and
charts were hardcoded with field names and locations that don't exist now),
we will recreate the data structure that was used, but will remove all
the filter information from the SELECT EXPERT. We will then create a VB
frontend program to ask the user to pick a client name from a DBlist and
then copy the info for that client into the tables : CR can then create and
print the report based on all data in the tables, with no filters. Each time
they select a new client, the main tables are cleared, new data is copied
in, and the new report is printed.

However, when we press the "Print Report" command button on the test
frontend screen and
issue the "CrystalReport1.Action = 1", we get an error :

run-time error 20525
unable to load report

We think we have supplied all the info the data control requires, report
file name etc.

Any one have any suggestions where to look for errors - or what error 20525

Can any one tell us where to find a list of all the error codes???

Thanks to all.

Cheers. John.

Mon, 27 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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