Problem with copying to Clipboard - VB3.0 and Win 95 
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 Problem with copying to Clipboard - VB3.0 and Win 95


I am encountering a strange problem with a VB 3.0 app  wrote that copies
some data to the Clipboard.  Specifically, the user selects a menu
command to copy a string of text to the Clipboard.  The user can then
past this into a Word processor such as Word 7.0.  This works fine on my
developement machine (Win 95); I can paste the contents into Word 7.0
fine.  But when I installed this app on three other Win 95 PC's with
Word 7.0 and tried to use this command Word thought NOTHING was on the
Clipboard.  Ditto for Excel 7.0.  But NOTEPAD had no problem pasting the
text!  Anyone experience this?  If so please let me know if there is a
work around.


Sun, 21 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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