Performance problems with ODBC (VB4 16-bit) -- HELP! 
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 Performance problems with ODBC (VB4 16-bit) -- HELP!


        I'm working on a moderate sized application that needs to be able to
read, update, and delete 12 tables (6 of which are one-to-many
relationship tables).  
        Initially I used dbSQLPassThough queries to load the data and it was
reasonably fast (took like 5 seconds to load).  Well, using the
passthorugh query made all of my recorsets (using Oracle 7.3) non-
updatable.  So I changed the program to attach to all the tables first
and pull the data using (recordset.findfirst STRING) and findnext.  This
was the only way I could find in my VB books and the Microsoft Examples
to code it.  The problem is that this is VERY VERY slow.  IT now takes
about 30 seconds to load the form and this is considered unacceptable.  
        Can anyone help we out with a way that I can access the data in my
Oracle tables (for insert, update, and delete) and maintain a
respectable level of system performance.  This wasn't a problem in the
past because this program only had two tables (which weren't one to
many) to work with.

any help would be greatly appreciated.



Sat, 13 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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