VB - dBase: Deleting & Packing records 
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 VB - dBase: Deleting & Packing records


I have a small, probably simple question.  I am using a dBase IV table,
and I'm connecting to it from VB.  When I delete a record, however, I
can still view it, even after Refreshing the recordset.  I know dBase
requires deleted records to be Packed.  Is there some way I can do this
from within VB4?  

(I'm using VB4-16, with it's built-in dBase IV ISAM driver.)

thanks for all & any help

Andrew Retallack    Johannesburg, South Africa

"And we tip-toe through our lives, pretending we're so dangerous."

Sun, 27 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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