Problem: What is a huge MS Access Database? / Converting to Oracle 
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 Problem: What is a huge MS Access Database? / Converting to Oracle


> Don't misunderstand me. I think Access is a fine tool for building
> front ends (as long as you don't have a development team with more
> than 2 programmers) but the database is a PC database for a single
> user or maybe even a few users (< 6). But when you have to handle more
> users or a lot of records you should use a professional server
> database like Oracle.

Without commenting on how "professional" or robust Oracle is, I will say
that I've written many front ends for customers.  I usually use Access as
a back-end server for prototyping, proof-of-concept, and initial
development.  When I'm sure I've got the logic and stuff right, I change
the connect string to point to an Oracle database, generate the SQL to
give to the Oracle DBAs so they can regreate the tables under Oracle, and
fix any little buglets or incompatibilities.  I've also done it with SQL

I find that, doing development this way, I can crank out apps faster than
it would take waiting for the Oracle folks.  I can also point to Oracle
if I have performance issues when doing the port.  I *know* how fast
Access is - if it's significantly slower, at least I'm pretty sure it's
not anything I'm doing.

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