Read port LPT1: 
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 Read port LPT1:

Please how can I read a the port LPT1: or COM1:

I put this code in 2 computers but I can't read the port lpt1 or Com1
the pc who write make it work, but the pc who read stop at line "Line Input
#FileNumber, myString"

code for pc who read the port LPT1:

    FileNumber = FreeFile
    Open "LPT1:" For Input As #FileNumber

    Line Input #FileNumber, myString

    Close #FileNumber

code for pc who write the port LPT1:

    FileNumber = FreeFile
    Open "LPT1:" For Output As #FileNumber

    Print #FileNumber, myString

    Close #FileNumber

sorry my english

Mon, 24 Nov 2003 19:57:41 GMT  
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