ADO Recordset Seek or Find 
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 ADO Recordset Seek or Find

Please help!  I'm using Jet 4.0, Access 2000  and  I'm opening an ado
recordset with the following code:

Public Function OpenMtrClass(ByVal strSQL)
    Set adoRSMtrClass = New ADODB.Recordset
    adoRSMtrClass.Open strSQL, adoConnection, adOpenDynamic,
    OpenMtrClass = True
End Function

I call this  function passing a table name within my database rather than an
SQL statement.  The table is opened and read thru all recs to load a combo
box.  This works fine.  Then at runtime, after the key to the database is
selected in the first combobox, I want to position myself at the correct
record in the table.  However, neither the seek or the find methods work.
I've found that .seek is not supported but I don't know why - can't I use
Access indices?  And when I change to .find I get an error that says the
recordset can't scroll backwards.  Here's the find code:

       With adoRSMtrType
            .Find ("mtrtype = 'SRII'")
            If .EOF Then
                blnNew = True
            End If
        End With

Any suggestions?

Fri, 29 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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