Closing ODBC Access 2.0 database 
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 Closing ODBC Access 2.0 database

I am doing work on a VB application that uses an ODBC driver to connect
to an Access 2.0 Database.  I just noticed that the database doesn't
really close when you execute the close method -- eg.  mydb.Close.  This
causes a problem because I need to read from the database and then later
in the program open Access and compress the database using DDE.  Access
gives the error that the database can't be opened exclusively because it
is already opened by me.  This is really frustrating because I specifically
closed it.
        I monitored the temp files that are created when the database is
opened and I noticed that they did not go away when I issued the close method.
They only go away when I exit the VB program.  I tried deleting the temp
files myself but I am blocked by share.

        If anyone could help I'd be grateful.

Mon, 09 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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