dBase III Index and VB4 
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 dBase III Index and VB4

We've run across a bit of a snag in trying to Seek on a dBase III from a VB4

The dBase file consists of a Schedule date, Contract number, etc. etc.  We're
trying to seek  the first occurance of a particular schedule date using an
existing dBase index.  Once found, we will loop through all records that have
this schedule date.

That's the scenario, standard table navigation.  The dbase schedule date field
is a character field of the form "01/01/96".  The index we're using converts
the value being sought from a date to a character type using the dbase
function DTOC().  We think the problem lies somwhere therin. If we seek a
String value as noted above we get a "Data Too Long For Field" error on the
line of code containing  the Seek !!!???.  Any other form of the value being
sought results in the Seek finding the first record of the file.  

We hesitate to define another index on this file (i.e. without using the DTOC
function) because the file averages around 3000-4000 records and takes eons to
reindex.  This data is used in a manufacturing facility and cannot be held up
for any length of time. If the users cannot access this data, the plant shuts
down.  Please, any insight to this dilemma would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Smith
Dayton, Ohio

Tue, 15 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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