Adding tables to Report in Crystal Reports 6 produces unexpected results 
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 Adding tables to Report in Crystal Reports 6 produces unexpected results

Maybe there is a simple answer to this problem.  I have a VB app,
access db with 6 tables, 5 of which have ref. relationships.

I started with 2 tables in a CR report.  I then added another table to
the report and it didnt work properly.  For instance, with the newly
added table it does not show the OrderID (autonumber) field properly.
It shows it as 65,151 approx.

It, therefore, will not compose the report properly.  I checked
linking xpert, and it is ok.

If I build a completely new report with all three tables from the very
beginning it works fine.

The problem is that this is scary.  If I build a  report and later on
add a new table, it appears that I have to dog the owhole report.

Also if I create new tables in VB code, I might have a problem.

Anyone come across this before.  Maybe my db driver is bad or



Wed, 19 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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