VB30 --<ODBC>-- Access 2.0 
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 VB30 --<ODBC>-- Access 2.0

I'm using the Access ODBC driver version 1.02.1403
with ODBC21.EXE already installed on my system.

I don't want to use the Access Jet engine.
Ultimately I wish to switch to all ODBC API calls.

***** CODE *****
Dim db As database
Set db = OpenDatabase("", True, True, "ODBC;")

***** INPUT *****
-First I'm prompted to pick a data source
-Second I'm given a file window to pick a database
-Then the error comes up

***** ERROR *****
ODBC-call failed.  [Microsoft][ODBC DLL] Driver's
SQLSetConnectOption failed [#0] [Microsoft][ODBC Single-Tier
Driver]Driver not capable. [#0] [Microsoft][ODBC Single-Tier
Driver][ODBC File Library]Obsolete database format. (#-1019)

My senior design project is on ice.
Do you think I need a new Access ODBC driver?

Sun, 24 Aug 1997 23:46:44 GMT  
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