Jet ISAM vs. SQL Server architecture question 
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 Jet ISAM vs. SQL Server architecture question

I have implemented serveral appications using Microsoft JET engine.
Navigating in a list (DBGrid with Data Control) with 50.000 or even 100.000
records causes no problems. Moving the scrollbar to skip 30.000
records, for instance, is done immediatly.

No I want to use a SQL Server (Sybase SQL Anywhere)

I have made a test application with a Remote Data Control and a DBGrid.
I have list of 40.000 records ("select * from customer;")
When I want to get to the middle of the list (skipping 20.000 records)
I have to wait about 20 seconds to get a result.

Do I have the wrong (ISAM-oriented) architecture?
Do I have to limit the resultset to a few hundret records?
Am I using a bad ODBC driver or SQL server?


Fri, 06 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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