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I find the data report / data environment designers to be a bit

I am Using an Access 2000 database, VB6 Pro, and ADO for data access.

I have created a parameterized query in my DB, that creates a
parent/child table. I want to base a data report on that query.

I put that query into my Data Environment, and after much
{*filter*}ing-around, I finally
got it working.

It seems that to be able to put fields into on of my Group bands, that I
must GROUP my
query on ALL THE FIELDS that I want to include in my group band, not
just the ONE or TWO fields
that I am grouping on. To make things worse, if I want to put a memo
field in the group band,
the data environment does not permit memo fields in grouping info!!!
ack! (I know, putting memos
into fixed-length bands is bad)

This seems so convoluted.

This is making me want to buy a pro copy of Crystal and use that instead
of the Data Report designer,
or the watered down ver of Crystal that comes with Visual Studio.

I appreciate all comments and suggestions.

Darryl Minsky

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Sun, 23 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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