VB6.0 Wizard generated master/detail forms give huge problems 
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 VB6.0 Wizard generated master/detail forms give huge problems


is this just my personal impression or do the machine generated
master/detail forms give not a really usable form ?

I have problems with one line of the generated code :

  Set grdDataGridFabricageorder.DataSource =

Now if there is nothing in the Child rs this gives huge problems
because the line crashes with some EOF-BOF in the forms onload sub.

Normal because the recordset is empty, but what can you do with a
automatical generated master/detail if even this does not work and
there is no error handling whatsoever implemented ???

Does anyone have a working master/detail form/structure we can look
into, instead of that commercial bullock ms is trying to push down our
throats ?

Greetings !

ps: for the rest everything is cool ;-)

Fri, 04 Jul 2003 23:44:57 GMT  
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