vb5 displays a record on screen but prints data from another record 
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 vb5 displays a record on screen but prints data from another record

I am using vb5 with the latest service pack and I am having a little
problem  One of my users is has the info for one of her customers on the
screen along with their billing info but when she prints a statement it
prints data from another record.  Very odd.  When she restarts program,
goes back to the record, it works fine.  HELP!!

THe app uses an .mdb database with two tables 1. employee database.  2.
their billing info.  linked by a unique customer id.

When the program goes to next customer, a sql query loads in the
corresponding billing record and shows it on same screen.  The code should
be correct?

Could something be getting screwed up somehow in memory, or cache that it
would be looking at a previous record or something?
Plllease help, we cant duplcate her problem

G. LEe

Sat, 07 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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