I get the error "Object server not properly registered" 
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 I get the error "Object server not properly registered"

        I am using Visual Basic 4.0 (16-bit version) under Win3.1 and Win95.
The program MUST run under Win3.1 because almost none of our clients use Win95.

        The problem is this:  I can run my application fine on the system I
installed VB 4.0 on (both 16 and 32 bit versions).  When I attempt to transfer
the program to another system running Win95 (or Win3.1) I always get the error
"Object server not properly registered" when I try to open a database.

        Secondly:  I have both Win3.1 and Win95 installed on my machine.  I've
installed VB4.0 16 bit through both versions of Windows.  However, I get the
same error when I try to run my app through Win3.1.

        I've looked through the help file, and found that this has to do with
the Win95 system registery or a file called REG.DAT for 3.1.  My REG.DAT file
does have references to the MS Jet DBEngine 2.0.

        So, what do I need to do to make it work?

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