VB with BeginTrans using native ODBCAPI calls to SQL Server 6.0 
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 VB with BeginTrans using native ODBCAPI calls to SQL Server 6.0

I have a few questions that I am having difficulty
finding the answers to.  If anyone knows or can
lead me in the right direction(didnt find it in
MSDN) please let me know.

When using BeginTrans in VB4.0(16-bit) I get an
error refering to inserting a diskette into a drive
after hitting the begintrans line.  Since I am
using native ODBCAPI calls I have no workspace or
database object.

My question is how does BeginTrans operate on a low
level?  Does the transaction try to store the
information locally before sending it off to

Any information is appreciated
Steve Gordon

Sun, 07 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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